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Septic tanks and sewer cleaning services in Algarve

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If you're thinking of cleaning your septic tank in the region of Algarve, consider doing it once every year or two.

By cleaning the septic tank regularly, you can be confident that the system will remain efficient and in good working order.

The four separate elements that are required to complete a septic tank cleaning in Algarve include:

  • Inspection and maintenance;
  • Use of water efficiently;
  • Proper disposal of waste;
  • Maintenance of the drainage field area;

You should have a professional examine your home's septic system at least once every two years or so.

The Algarve septic tank itself must be pumped at intervals of 2 to 3 years.

Keep in mind that certain components may need to be inspected on a more regular basis.

If you have a septic tank in Algarve equipped with mechanical components, electrical switches or sewage pumps, an inspection of these components should take place once a year.

Consider getting a maintenance service contract if more frequent inspections are required for your system.

24 hour sewage cleaning service in Algarve:

Permanent unclogging emergency service in Algarve,  water leak detection and septic tank emptying with 24-hour emergency team!

Septic tank suction service using trucks prepared for sewage cleaning.

We comply with all requirements required by law.

We have a permit to carry out the safe transport and disposal of the collected materials in a proper place.

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